Thelma Yellin High School for the Arts

Thelma Yellin is a national school for the arts which was founded in 1959 and is located in the heart of the Borochov neighbourhood in Givatayim. The high school is named after the cellist Thelma Yellin who was a pioneer in the field of musical education in Israel. Thelma Yellin dreamed of establishing a music school for outstanding students, but passed away a few months before she was able to fulfill this dream. The members of the Academy for Music in Tel Aviv, and its Director, Professor Eden Partosh, shared this vision and decided to name the school for her. 


The school has always been a lodestone for outstanding students in the arts from all over Israel. It offers education and training in a wide range of artistic disciplines, and all avenues of artistic endeavor in Israel are filled by the school’s alumni. 


Thelma Yellin is a magnet school which, due to its unique nature, draws students from all over Israel: cities, suburbs, development towns, kibbutzim and moshavim. Characteristic of all its students is the aspiration to attend the most prominent and leading school of its kind in the country which can offer art studies alongside theoretical and scientific studies, all at the highest level. The school offers a four-year program, from the 9th to the 12th grade. The school is small and intimate, and has 550 pupils in total, all of whom study in programs offered by the school, each dedicated to a different artistic discipline.


The school has six disciplines : Classical Music, Jazz, Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts and Film. In addition to the compulsory topics in the theoretical and practical fields in these disciplines, the school offers rich artistic programs during the school year as part of an Annual Arts Festival. During this time, the students take a break from their regular studies for a few weeks and present a range of performances and exhibitions. The school holds drama and dance performances, art exhibitions, concerts by the symphony orchestra and school choir, marathon jazz performances by a dozen jazz ensembles, and festive screenings of films made by the students in the film department. During the school year, the school invites prominent artists from Israel and abroad to hold master classes for students in all programs. 

Principal: Dr Dan Sagiv

Vice Principal: Sophie Kastel



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