Thelma Yellin

Art & Creativity


Art studies are the heart and soul of the school.

Students are accepted into the school's art majors – classical music, theatre, dance, visual arts, film, jazz - based on artistic talent and skills.

Students carry a full academic course load as well as an art sequence in which they study theory and history of their respective art major, and are constantly exposed to their schoolmates' art majors.

 The art majors' curricula ensure the highest level of education and encourage creativity, curiosity and critical thinking.

The school prepares students for post-secondary education and twenty-first century careers in the arts and art related industries. The rich cultural and humanistic background students acquire is a solid foundation on which they will continue to strive and make their mark in the world.


Thelma Yellin pledges to offer students the finest art training and rigorous academic coursework.

Arts and academic studies make up a whole truly greater than the sum of its parts. The dual mission of our specialized high school is to provide each student with professional preparation in conservatory extraordinary arts education and in university preparatory academic education.

Excellence is our motto. Knowledge, creativity, critical thinking are our goals. The school offers courses in advanced studies in both humanities and science. Many students enroll, perfectly aware of the extra work required.

In its long and distinguished history, Thelma Yellin has produced gifted, creative individuals who went on to pursue their dreams with a fervent desire to make a difference.


Our Campus


The school is in a quiet, yet central location – the Borochov neighborhood in Givatayim, within a ten-minute walk from the central railroad station and near major bus lines.

The building and the premises are conducive to an optimum learning environment. In addition to classrooms and labs, it has theater and dance studios, a cinema screening room, an auditorium, a gallery and a number of sculpture and drawing workshops. The cafeteria and school yard with its benches and sitting areas, the lawns and the students' club offer opportunities for relaxation and social interaction.

An old water reservoir in the yard –a historic landmark of Givatayim – adds to the appeal and charm of Thelma Yellin.


We have a tradition of an annual art camp. For three days students take part in professional activities, enrichment classes on various topics, workshops, master classes, and attend theatrical performances.

Throughout the school year students meet leading people from the industry.

In addition to faculty expertise, students benefit from guest professionals and theatre practitioners throughout the year, creating an unparalleled balance of technical and practical learning. 

 Thelma Yellin alumni are currently active in the industry and maintain a close working relationship with the theater department..

 Ido Rosenberg directed "Chicago", "Pippin "and  "Company" .

Jonathan Ron directed 11th grade drills: "The House of Bernarda Alba", 'Lost in Yonkers" and "Romeo and Juliet".


Staff members


Daniel Schwartzman, Voice  -  11th - 12th grades


Dalia Friedkin , Physical Techniques  -  9th - 10th grades


Rika Bugatin, Voice  -  9th & 10th grades


Anat Zamsteigman, Diction and Text to Speech Guidance  -  9th - 10th grades


Chamutal Gur, Theater Survey   -  10th- 12th grades


Gomme Fried, Acting  - 10th- 11th grades


Meital Damari, Musical   9th- 12th grades


Amit Reiss, Improvisation  -  9th grade


Anat Zidkoni,  Acting  - 9th-10th grades

                       Directing   - 11th grade

                       Introduction to Theater  -  9th grade


Jan Ratzabi Zur, Production & Theatrical Scenary


Zeev Levy, Theatrical Scenary Workshop   - 9th grade


Yanir Liebrman, Stage Lighting Workshop    10th grade